Our Story

So Pawdorable was created by two busy Gold Coast mums, Janene and Christine. We have known each other for over 25 years and loved being creative and sharing our designs and handmade products for our pets with each other.
After multiple family and friends kept requesting gifts and handmade or personalised items for their pet loving friends (and themselves as well!) one day it just clicked... "we should work together and make beautiful, top quality handmade gifts!" So over a cup of tea and a few Mint Slice biscuits, the beginnings of our little venture was born. 

Finding a name wasn't easy (with quite a few dubious suggestions discarded along the way) but we kept saying "how adorable" every time we created something cute.  We then started joking saying that's "so PAWdorable" and "Tada! - our name was born!  (Little did we realise that people would keep thinking we were a soap company... "Soap - adorable" is what we often get!  But we don't mind... it's still cute and makes sense to us!)

Working full-time and running a business has it's challenges, with Janene a Graphic Designer and Christine a Teacher. We often spend evenings and weekends designing, developing and creating new products as well as fulfil our orders. Sometimes our families forget who we are!

In all seriousness, we LOVE bringing smiles to peoples faces. Pet memorials holds a special place in our hearts, as well as helping people with dementia and children with special needs experience the joy of 'owning' a pet with our personally handmade pillow pets, or our beautiful quality and locally sourced, realistic plush toys.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We truly value and love our customers, work hard on our customer service and seeing happy faces on pets and their humans! If you have any ideas for products, our ears are open! We want to know what YOU want, like, love and value. It's important to us that we are making what our clients want and need.

We'd love you to follow us on Social Media - @sopawdorable - Your support and feedback inspires us to get better and better... and you're the reason we do what we do!

With love,

Christine and Janene xx