Why a Plush Pet?

Plush Pets

Our Plush Pets collection includes some of the best-loved breeds of dogs, cats, other adored pets and favourite Australian animals.
So realistic and able to provide joy and comfort to many, including;
- grieving families with lost or deceased pets
- the elderly to provide comfort and prevent loneliness 
- people with dementia, allowing them to love and care for a beloved 'pet' again. It also allows the brain some ‘time out’ as they quietly stroke and talk to them, providing the same satisfaction as having a real furbaby
- young children to learn gentleness and care for a pet
- for ANYONE who has always wanted a cat or dog (or even a bunny!) 

Children with Autism or other special needs: Our larger dogs with a zippered pocket as ideal as weighted toys or sensory aids. Add your child's preferred weight to the special zippered pocket and they're ready to cuddle!
You can also find the perfect pet for children with special needs who may be unable to have a living pet due to care or safety concerns, or find it difficult to make and keep meaningful connections or friendships with other children.
Our Plush Pets are very comforting and so lifelike that they often become their best friend!

This plush pet range is of the highest quality and lovingly created by Bocchetta Plush Toys, located here on the Gold Coast, and proudly Australia’s top designer of unique, premium quality and realistic plush toys.