Pink Ribbon - Cancer Council Fundraiser
Pink Ribbon - Cancer Council Fundraiser

Pink Ribbon - Cancer Council Fundraiser

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#DoitforCancer with the purchase of a So Pawdorable limited edition 'Pink Ribbon' bandana. Because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, we are donating all proceeds from each 'Pink Ribbon' sale.

Each bandana will contain the hashtag #doitforcancer. If you would like to add a name as well, please email us. 

When your puppy or kitty receives their bandana, please take a photo and post on social media using the following hashtags: #doitforcancer #sopawdorable #cutethingsforyourpet

And yes... if cricketers can wear pink outfits, BOY dogs can proudly wear pink bandanas too to show their support!

If you'd prefer to purchase other items instead and just make a donation, please click here to visit our So Pawdorable Fundraiser Page directly. 

Don't forget! You can match this product with our "Pink Ribbon' Cancer Council Fundraiser Dog Tag!

Please measure your dog's collar and order the correct size to fit.

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Sizing according to collar length

XS: 15cm wide (fits collars up to 25cm) 

S: 18cm wide (fits collars 25 - 35cm)

M: 22cm wide (fits collars 35 - 45cm)

L: 26cm wide (fits collars 45 - 55cm)

XL: 32cm wide (fits collars 55cm +)